For Sale Jolida JD100A Reference Tubed CD Player (SOLD)

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Asking $360.00, OBO.
Price includes shipping within the USA.
I will also throw in a extra Synergetic Research Red Fuse.

I have had this unit boxed sitting on climate controlled shelf for years. It is unlikely I will use it again so it’s time to sell. The unit $900.00 was modified by Parts Connexion through Underwood HIFI for $600.00 and includes Musicaps, improved Clock, RCA outputs and an AHP fuse. I tested it today and it is fully functioning and sounds great. It includes the metal remote, Owners Manual, power cord, and original shipping container. It will be double boxed for shipping. Note it has a variable headphone out which is perfect for a desk top or stand alone intimate system where tube sweetness is desired.

A similar unit Sold on Ebay on 01/23/19 for 642.00 and did not include shipping or the improved clock.

Hello, is it still available? This is Bill, I bought the GCC 100 from you back in December.

Yes Bill, it is still available.

I can pay the full asking price of $360 shipping included. It would be shipped to Ft Lauderdale Fl. Is that ok?

I sent you a PM.

Payment received will pack it up today. It will sound great with the GCC.