For sale: Magico Q3 loudspeakers - will ship International

For the attention of our friends in the PS Audio Community Chapter DownUnder.

My Magico Q3 speakers are for sale. Ships as a pair in original factory crate. Big step up from the Magico S3 that I owned before these. Which is to be expected I guess because Q3 was more than double the price of S3. I’m upgrading again to another Magico, but won’t place my order with the dealer until the Q3 sell.

Be warned however. These are the speakers that when you throw a kids dance party at home their parents will stay and drink all your beer. I suspect, at least, a few of the parents would prefer to take the Q3 home than their kids. Sorry, not man-portable at 113 kg per speaker.

They are stunning speakers. Which part of Oz?


Hi @Brodric I’m interested. How do I PM you on this forum? Thanks.

You can email or call me directly at home

Thank you. P

If I might give these a bump.

I’ve received an offer for them but haven’t been paid yet.

If anybody was sitting on the fence about owning a pair of Magico Q3 at a good price now would be the time to pull the trigger.

Can do them for $20K USD + delivery.