For Sale Nagaoka MP-200H New in Box

Nagoka MP 200-H phono cartridge with Boron cantilever. Comes mounted on a Nagaoka universal headshell. I bought this highly regarded moving magnet cartridge from a dealer in Japan . I tried it for a few minutes but prefer my Dynavector moving coil. I paid $500.00 for it. Will sell for $325.00 including shipping to a US address. Photos on request.
Larry Smith

Is this still available?

Apologies, I missed this post entirely. The cartridge with headshell is still available. I just set it aside. If you are still interested please send an email to

Larry Smith

Hi Larry,

Just sent you an email as well - wondering if it’s still available and if you could send me photos.



I pmed your personnel email today and asked for a couple of pictures. Please sent so i can see it… definitely ready to see pictures… Ron

Ron, Photos were sent to