For Sale or Trade: NOS 6SN7 Tubes


I have three quads (12 tubes total) of new-old-stock 6SN7 tubes that I’m interested in selling or trading. Each quad has been lab-matched; the numbers are on the boxes. They were all purchased from Brent Jessee Recording and Supply in 2010, and they have seen no use except for trying them briefly in my preamp. (I bought them to use as replacement tubes in a Cary SLP05 that I sold soon thereafter.)

All three quads are RCA 6SN7GTB tubes. The boxes are in generally in reasonably good shape; a couple have some damage.

My cost for these at the time was about $300. I would be willing to sell the set for $150 or best offer. I will also sell portions. Even more so, I’d love to trade them for a matched set of eight 12AU7’s (which would work with the tube amp I am using at the moment).

I’m known on Audiogon as “Vlentudia” if you want to check my feedback.

If interested please respond here and I’ll get in touch with you. Thanks

Mike Bush