For Sale: Pair of REL S/3 Subwoofers [Sold]

I have a pair of beautiful REL S/3 subwoofers for sale. I am the original owner and purchased them new from authorized dealer. I am asking $1188 each. They come from a smoke and child free home. They have only been in a 2 channel high end system and no home theater. I have them tuned such that they supply deep base and atmosphere to the music. They are not apparent unless you unplug them. That is when you notice the lack of deep base and a collapsing of the soundstage. They work perfectly and are in very good to excellent condition. There are no dings, dents or noticeable scratches visible to me. I would like a local pick up or will deliver within 100 miles or so of the Dallas area. I am only selling to upgrade to the carbon model. This is not the Sho model. Once you have had a pair of REL subs in your system, you will not want to be without them. The reviews are spectacular. I have original packing, cables, and owner’s manual.
You can see my ad on Audiogon or US Audio Mart which have pictures.
From the Absolute Sound: "While a singer-songwriter might seem far removed from subwoofer-land, the REL’s underpinning creates better stereo separation, more of a sense of a live performance, and instruments precisely located within that stage.

So far, this could apply equally to almost any correctly set-up REL subwoofer produced in the last 25 years. What the S/3 additionally provides is an even faster transient response, which frees up those middle and upper registers still further. While not a substitute for room acoustic treatment, the S/3 works like an active bass trap, but can also provide that bass depth needed when playing something like the ‘operatic’ version of West Side Story [DG], to best render all those foot stomps and stage directions. This is a tough test for a subwoofer, because it requires great depth and great speed, and the S/3 does both well.

Although it can happily shake the walls every bit as much as its R328 predecessor, this is also a subtle and deft device".

I have a pair of these subs and they are amazing. It also takes a while for them to loosen up so breaking them in for a potential sale is a good thing. I love the auto-standby sense, I turn my Roon off, then 30 minutes later turn off my BHK and the combination works very well. I’m extremely pleased and they match my Sonus Faber Guareni Evolution book shelf mains quite nicely. They are definitely quick enough and round out the lower end quite nicely. In addition you are right, you don’t notice them until you unplug them and the base sound stage collapses… very well put…

Are they still available and if so, where is your location?

Just commenting I have a pair and they are amazing, would never part with them… sorry if I mislead anyone… thanks for asking

are yours rho, and these not being so - what would I be missing?

Don’t understand rho?

NO not as REL s/3 does or does not have it with these units.

I have a large room, ~ 17x36x12 with sizable openings into another so am concerned as to whether these units will fill the area and augment the Wilson X1s properly. I have no prior experience with, or even listening to, subwoofers.

Thanks for your response and would understand if not replied to further. Again, Thanks - Dave

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No way would I use these S3/SHO subs. You can look on REL website for selecting subs for different main speakers and the tool also has the size of the room if you are looking to go REL subs. I would go with a pair of REL 212s for that room…

Thank you for your interest, but the subs are sold. I have a pair of REL Carbon Limited subwoofers on the way. You would likely want the 212 SE’s foe your system. The REL subs add so much more than deep bass.

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those are amazing! I would have went that way if I knew when I bought them. They have G1 attributes… very smart upgrade and I love my S3/SHO subs… what I like about the REL subs is that they are so smooth and not the bass boom, like they are an extension of the mains…

Also, to note: subs take time to loosen up so it will be a few months before you get the full effect.


Big Thank you for advice and direction given.

Followed REL website which led to best choice w/b 212 or 25 models.

I’d love to jump in with two immediately, but the cost is high and WAF appeal for another large box is going to need my best timing and effort
:blush: Thanks again.

I’ll post pics of my system later = maybe with REL (?)