For sale: Pair S300 Amps


I bought a fairly early pair of S300 amps in the Beta program. They’re serial numbers 7A0004 and 7A0005. From my review, you should be able to tell that I really liked them - and that caused me to sell the Parasound 2250v2’s that I had been using.

The S300’s ran a pair of first-generation B&W Diamond 800’s in the large living space in the house - about 22x23x10ft high, with several extra spaces directly abutting. Each amp bi-amped one speaker. Really sounded rather good…

But then we combined households, and the best place to put the grand piano was the large living space, so the system had to move.

It moved into a much smaller space - sorta 13x13x 10ft high.

The 800Ds were much too big for the space (sounded pretty good after a bit of moving around and judicious application of Dirac Live correction - but much too big. I had it explained to me…), and so I had to make one more change. In short, the 800Ds have gone to Bill Parish of GTT Audio in NJ, as partial trade in for a pair of Kii THREE speakers.

These are active speakers. Feed’em an AES/EBU bitstream and what’s in the box does everything. Sound rather good, too.

So now I no longer need the S300’s, and so I’m here to offer them to y’all. They are $1499 each new, cheaper than that in the beta program, only a few months old, and still in the condition they were when received (except nicely burned in, now). The only flaw, if you can call it that, is that the cardboard packaging inside the box is a little raddled (as I noted in the review), but some duct tape will fix that. And they’ll each come with their own PerfectWave AC-3 Power cord.

I’m asking $900 each for them, including shipping within the USA. If someone wants to buy both, then the price for the pair would be $1700 including shipping in the USA.

***EDIT ***

----- OK, I’m asking $650 each for them, with the stock cords. Buy the pair at $1200. ----

Also have a pair of AC3 power cords available, $50 each


Sensible offers welcomed.

– Pete


That’s quite a story. :slight_smile:



It is indeed :slight_smile:

The best-laid plans of mice and men…

The Oppo HA-1 had to go as well, but I’m giving my local retailer a chance to sell that on consignment :slight_smile:


***EDIT ***

----- OK, I’m asking $650 each for them, with the stock cords. Buy the pair at $1200. ----

Also have a pair of AC3 power cords available, $50 each


Sensible offers welcomed.

– Pete


Do you still have the AC3 power cords available for $50 each?



Hi Pete! So tell me about your experience with the Kii THREE speakers. I’ve been intrigued by them ever since I saw a write-up about them and Bruno Putzeys. Seems like an ingenious solution to modern hifi, honestly. I think active speakers are definitely the future and these look the best ones out there so far. Do they really mitigate room effects as much as they claim to? How do you like the amplification?

Oh, and BTW, I’m interested in the S300s. I have a hybrid HT/2 channels setup and need to think about how I would integrate these in my system.

EDIT: I forgot to ask, but did you notice a big difference in bi-amping your 800’s? I’m also wondering if I would really need to bi-amp since I run dual subs, which is in essence bi-amping, if you think about it. I have the 804 D3s and love them, BTW. Maybe 800s for me some day!



Do you still have the s300’s was interested in one



Alas no; sold them through my local dealer…