FOR SALE: Pangea AC-9 MKII Power Cable - 3.0 Meter - Like New! [SOLD]

I am selling a 3.0 meter Pangea AC-9 power cable which I no longer need. Hardly used and in “Like New” condition.

PRICE: $140 + Free Shipping CONUS (No Paypal fees if sent via Friends & Family)

Is it the newer MKII or previous version? Guessing they are nearly the same but with some monor tweak hense the MKII

It is a MKII, only 1.5 years old. Sorry, I should have clarified in the title. Ill fix that.

Jeff, thanx for getting back to me. I believe I will take it, I just got a P12 and looking to upgrade from the stock power cord and was looking at the AC-9. It is a little longer than I actually need, so I do have one further question, since I will have some extra cable some of the comments I have seen alluded to difficulty in making turns because of the cable thickness, as I will have some cable to spare not sure how that will impact my set-up. Did you have a little difficulty?

Hi Steve,
Honestly, I would not purchase it. It is stiff as all can be. You would be much better off finding one that is the correct length and you will not be about to coil this thing at all.

I appreciate the consideration to purchase but I would rather you find something more fitting as this cable would drive you nuts if having to maneuver it due to excessive length.


I appreciate your perspective as it appears to be a thick and stiff cable. A six footer is what I am currently using (stock) my thought was when I pull the rack away from the wall the six footer limits the amount the rack can be pulled out when pulling it out on an angle to access the rear of the components.The additional length would be of benefit in this instance, but it sounds like it would be rather a pain to loop back on itself to store that extra three feet when rack is back against the wall.

I appreciate your candor


If you still have it, I would like to purchase, I have another wall receptical that I can route it to and it should work fine. Let me know