[FOR SALE] Pass Labs x1 [AVAILABLE] and Pass Labs x250 [SOLD]

Around June I mentioned that my Pass Labs x250 and x1 are officially on sale (after I migrated to BHK), however, my second half of the year was extremely busy, and I had no time even for music, let alone writing sell ads. All this time my trusty Pass Labs amps were sitting in the rack (or near the rack in the x250 case) disconnected, what I find a shame for such beautiful pieces of HiEnd engineering. So, despite I love them (…sniff…), it’s time to look for new owners.

Pass Labs x250 - stereo power Class AB amplifier (230V)


250W @8Ohm
500W @4Ohm
Leaves Class A at 15W

Weight: 55 kg with shipping boxes

Fun facts:

The X250 has a power transformer rated at 1200 watts, continuous duty. Under actual
conditions in the amplifier, it will do about 1800 watts for short duration.

The X250 has 20 computer grade capacitors at 10,000 uF and 50 volts each. These are used
to create the unregulated output stage rails at plus and minus 47 volts at 20 amps.

All the power transistors in the product are power Mosfets, actually Hexfets from International
Rectifier and Harris. These are hyper-matched parts, with gate voltages matched to 0.5% and
all devices taken from the same lot codes (made on the same wafer). The speed and noise
critical gain devices in the front end, (that is to say the actual balanced pair of transistors) are
ultra low noise and distortion matched JFETs having a low (.02 S) transconductance figure.
The JFETs are made on the same substrate for prefect matching.

The X250 has 32 output Mosfet power transistors in TO-3 metal packages. The output stages
can sustain transients of about 6,000 watts, but are not allowed to dissipate more than 1000
watts for any instant, even into a dead short.

The amp can drive virtually everything, e.g. Martin Logan speakers whose impedance goes down to 0,5Ohm.


The plastic cover of one binding post nut is cracked (see the photo). To tighten down a thick angled spades of a loudspeaker cable I would use a monkey-wrench anyway, to lessen the pressure on the nut wings. But the price is reduced.

Price: [SOLD] euros (originally was 8200 euros)

Pass Labs x1 pre-amplifier with a separate power supply (230V)


Weight: 23 kg with shipping boxes

Don’t know what to mention here, because x1 is a well-known Pass Labs preamp, perfectly matches Pas Labs amps, very quiet and musical. Selling it because I use only PSaudio DS box directly connected to the power amp.

Price: 3500 euros (originally was 8200 euros)

I have original boxes for both x1 and x250. I can personally deliver it to your house in the 2h driving radius (that covers the whole Netherlands, half of Belgium, and Germany up to Cologne). One note - x250 is very heavy! Both are built like tanks.


Checked Agon, audio-markt.de and a couple of other sites - these prices are the lowest. PM me if you are interested or have additional questions.

Can’t upload the manuals - the allowed PDF file size is too small.

Beautiful gear.105_gif

Can’t agree more. I’m even thinking about giving all my extra stuff (including top-cables) to my kids, but they do not have a proper place for it yet. Probably in several years, but on the other hand I can’t imagine this gear idling and collecting dust. E.g. I’ve got a heavily modded Logitech Transporter and a Meridian 568 player taking space in my rack. Unplugged for years… And they still can sing. I’m soooo lazy (and uncertain) at selling… OTOH, it’s very difficult to part with something that was carefully selected, taken care off, truly enjoyed, and … still being loved.

I’ll bet Will would love to be “adopted”!

So, the x250 is on the way to sunny Bulgaria (… sniff…). I hope the new owner and the PassLabs amp will enjoy each other.

But the x1 is still available!


Some new photos of the x1:


The price for x1 is 3300 euros now.