For Sale: PerfectWave DAC Mk. II upgrade kit


Still have the original PerfectWave DAC? Here’s your chance for an inexpensive upgrade to one of the best DACs that has ever been made. I upgraded my original with the Mk. II upgrade kit and am now upgrading to the DSD version. In between upgrades, my life got incredibly hectic so the Mk. II kit has seen very little use. And now it could be yours for a song. I have original installation manual and every little piece included in the kit, so it can be used in a Type A or Type B Mk. I. The only thing missing is the sticker for the back of the unit. The kit sold for $1,000, and I would be happy to get $400 for mine. If you have not experienced it, the Mk. II is a MAJOR sonic upgrade from the Mk. I, a unit most audiophiles could live with for a lifetime. Email me at for more info. Thanks!