For Sale - PS Audio Digital Link 3 with Cullen Stage IV upgrade


Hi All

Looking to sell my PS Audio Digital Link 3 that has been modified by Cullen Circuits to the top-of-the-line Stage IV modifications. It is in absolutely mint condition, and is currently setup for 220-240V. This is a perfect DAC for a computer-based source setup, using the USB input to convert. The DLink 3 has an auto-scanning input selector which can be overridden manually. Located in Central London.

Make me a sensible offer close to £350!

The DAC features as standard:

  • Stereo D to A converter
  • Optical input
  • Coaxial input
  • USB input
  • 24 bit upsampling DAC
  • Front panel selectable 96kHz or 192kHz upsampling
  • XLR and RCA outputs
  • 192kHz upsampling circuitry
  • 8 times oversampling filter
  • Single stage IV converter
  • Discrete FET output stage
  • Fully balanced design
  • Burr Brown 1798 chip set

The modifications are done by Richard Cullen of Cullen Circuits (who originally designed the DLink 3) and are his ultimate Stage IV modifications which include the following:

• Replace 28 resistors in the audio signal path with Dale Rn55d copper leaded parts.
• Replace 11 electrolytic capacitors with audio grade Muse caps.
• Replace 8 FET’s in the DAC’s output stage with hand matched low noise parts.
• Install ERS EMI/RFI Suppression cloth.
• Install WBT NexGen 210cu RCA jacks for analog out and Spdif in.
• Install clock modification board that replaces the 2 stock clocks with new Cullen designed clocks with ultra low jitter. This is done to both the clock and CODEC.

Performance enhancements are absolutely staggering and show a warmer, more liquid midrange with zero glare in the upper frequencies and a deathly quiet background. Low level detail is now rendered sharply against a blacker background with ambient space being much clearer and focussed. It sounds a like a mega-bucks DAC.