FOR SALE: PS Audio Elite integrated & TWO-C power amp

I recently moved and rediscovered an Elite and Two-C that I hadn’t used probably since the early 90’s. I am the original owner having purchased these in the 80’s when I worked as a salesman in consumer electronics. I bought the Elite/Two-C pair to drive a variety of speakers from DQ-10’s to Tympani ID’s. And always in mono (bridged) mode which provides 200W/ch vs. 55W/ch stereo.

I hooked the pair up to Magnepan MMG’s that I recently purchased to test. I only waited about ten minutes after plugging both in (FWIW the user guide suggests to allow 24-hours for the electronics to settle down). The left channel sounded fine right away, but the right channel was intermittently crackling on and off. I assumed it was just a loose connection but after powering down, and upon closer examination, everything was secure. So I decided to check out the Elite alone (since it was powering the troublesome right/mono channel) and it misbehaved exactly the same way randomly crackling on and off. The left channel of the Elite never once complained.

I didn’t have time then, but this morning I decided to check whether the preamp or amplifier section (or both) of the Elite was the problem. And, of course, just like when you take your car to the mechanic, it wouldn’t misbehave and instead performed without incident (possibly because it had been plugged in for a couple of days??). I listened for about 30 minutes and the Elite never stumbled.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The cosmetic condition is only fair at best. There are scratches along the top of both units, although the front panels are pretty clean as you can see from the photos. The two power supplies are similarly scarred. Several of the little rubber bumper-feet things had come loose in the box of both units so I’ve replaced them with some I picked up at Home Depot. I’ll include the old ones just in case anybody cares and wants to glue them back on. Sorry, but I no longer have the original boxes. But I do have the user guide, the PS Audio catalog for 1983-4 and a pack of resistors that came with the unit (presumably for tweaking the MC phono stage which I’ve never used). See photos. Also please note that I only have one (of the two) U-shaped connectors (from pre-out to power-in) jacks on the Elite. Since I always ran in mono I had no need for the other connector. Of course, any quality interconnect can be used instead.

I have no idea what these two vintage pieces of audio gear are worth. So I’m open to offers for the Elite or Two-C alone, but PREFERABLY BOTH since that’s how they truly shine with power to spare.

IMPORTANT! For the purposes of a potential transaction it would be prudent to assume that the Elite’s right channel is transiently non-functional and either does now or will later require servicing. The Two-C, on the other hand, is trouble-free. Perhaps the Elite will continue to work just fine – but I personally wouldn’t bet on it and neither should you.

Please email lm4343 #at# yahoo if you have any questions or would like to make an offer.

P.S. Apologies in advance if I screwed something up with this post or broke any rules. This forum thing is new to me.

Welcome, lamatl

No rules broken and we are delighted to have you here. Fascinating units you have up for sale, nearly Jurassic.

Wow! That’s older than my 4.5 pre.

Hmmm. I am prehistoric to think that vintage PS Audio gear like the Elite sounds (at least) as good as anything manufactured today?

I recently acquired an Elite Plus that I have been using in my office system powering my old Sequerra Met 7 Mk. II’s. It’s a great piece - imho well worth fixing. Asking price?

Hi lamatl,

I have an Elite Plus and I was wondering if you ended up selling yours, and if so how much you got for it? I’m in need of money to pay bills and have mine up at Ebay for $499. I just sold my older PS Audio Phono Preamp II for $199 and the buyer was ecstatic with the unit.

I looked up how much one of the Elite Pluses would cost in today’s dollars and it was close to $2,000.

Hope to hear back from you. Have a great 2019!

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I fixed the white-space issue. There was a bunch of code that was imported over from the old forum.

Everyone please note, the initial string is three and one-half years old. It is unlikely the OP is monitoring this thread.

I’ve had an Elite since 1984, it was a wonderful sounding unit in the day, but it had an issue about 30 years ago (!) and it has been sitting on the shelf awaiting a flash of electrical brilliance from my mechanical mind.

As an aside, I find it jarring to read through a thread and only after going through most of it to realize it’s an old thread from the old forum software. I’ll point out that when someone replies to an old thread it goes to the first post, you have to pay attention to realize it’s old information. This happened a lot when we first switched software, no surprise there, but in the last couple of weeks the number of occurences has risen. Are lots of folks going through the archives while off work for a few days?

Yes, there are user that are digging through and searching the archives. Some ancient threads are being revived in a Dr. Frankenstein fashion.

It is confusing. And some of the threads are a bit of a mess. I tidy them up as I see them.

You sir, are a true gentleman for tidying up our little messes!

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