For sale: PS Audio LanRover (Sold)

Selling my LanRover for $300. Excellent condition. Used in pet/smoke free environment. Comes with original cables and box.

I wanted to know if you are still selling your LanRover ?

Sorry it has been sold.

I have available for sale a LANrover and am just about ready to list for sale on the forum. It is a unique model developed by PS Audio to respond to my specific issues with it being able to play Tidal Streaming and solved all such issues and has been in my system for a couple of years. The SQ beats the UpTone Regen which I traded for the LANrover. It has a 24V power supply. My system is a MacMini running 10.13.6 and also ran perfectly with 10.10.5. I have no opinion about compatibility with any Windows system. I would take $200 via PayPal and would include a Bluejeans Cable Cat6a 1M ethernet cable. Interested? If not I will, list shortly.


I debated whether to go for USB or ethernet cable, but I got an offer for a Curious USB cable for a good price. I have a Dell desktop with Windows 10. Thanks for your offer, Mark ! I was thinking about getting Tidal, but I listen to jazz, and there is a free service called Jazz Con Class Radio with no ads, so that is my preferred listening choice !