For Sale: PS Audio model Two-C power amp - needs terminal repair

Hi there - I’m new to the forum, but really impressed at how active a community this is! I’ve recently come into some PS Audio equipment from the early 80s. My father-in-law was single-owner, but is now moving to Brazil and lucky us get to salvage what we can and help the rest find new homes.

I have this Model Two-C power amp with external power supply that I would love to use the with 4.5 preamp I’ve got, but have too much gear on the go as it is. It is in need of repair on the left terminal, but otherwise seems to be in good working shape, and the power supply looks to be great. I’m hoping someone here may be interested in giving it a repair and extending its life. As-is it also works in mono just fine.

Aesthetically, it is in fairly good shape - the front plate looks great, but there is some wear on the top, faint scratches and whatnot. It is also missing one of the small rubber bumper feet, but could be easily replaced. Let me know if you’re interested and would like more detailed photos.

Not sure what this would be worth seeing as I don’t have experience doing repairs myself. Make an offer! Can meet in NYC area.

Located in Brooklyn, New York.


rack mountable, bridgeable Mono output.
No previous modification or service has been done
Class AB 2 x 55W RMS.
Number of Channels: 2,
Model: TWO C,
Audio Inputs: Stereo L/R RCA,
RMS Power: 55 W