For Sale: PS Audio Noise Harvesters [Sold]

I have for you today a bunch of lightly used PS Audio Noise Harvesters. I bumped into someon downsizing their collection and bought a big bulk of them. I took the ones I wanted to use myself and am selling off the rest.

There are 9 black versions available.

I am selling them for $60 each including shipping and a ‘three pack special’ for $150 shipped.

If you love the blue flashing lights I’ll make it even better! A five (5) pack for $225 shipped!

PS Audio fans outside of the USA are not left out in the cold! Please check the comments below for more info about compatibility and international shipping prices.

They are used, but look great.

I have tested them all and they all ‘blink’ as they should.

I accept Paypal and Money Order.

Shipping is done through USPS Priority mail.

International shipping to most countries is $23.95 (up to 6 Noise Harvesters)

For the ones that haven’t dealt with me before, please check my feedback on audiogon: karmanfamily and on Ebay: gabimarikarman.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Yarrrgghh … US version again …


NP :wink: Looks like nobody sells EU-compatible harvesters :smiley:

alekz i think us an eu versions are the same units.

with eu version you get also adapter to fit in eu receptacle.

at least my arrives this way from distributor in eu :slight_smile:

the adapter could cost max 5eur as its just piece of plastic with two leads :slight_smile:

I would consider buying few @rmkarman do you ship to EU?

I’ll ship them to anywhere in the world.

And I think I can fit up to 4 in a small flat rate box from USPS.

Those are $23.95 (to pretty much anywhere in the world)

I’ll ship USPS first class also, but that’s real slow and the same price.

Depending on where in Europe you are, I found USA to the double round prong adapters for $1 on eBay.

I can order those and add them in the box with the noise harvesters.

I just have to see how many I can fit with adapters in a small flat rate box.

They are going fast!

If the US and EU versions are identical I am quite interested as well :smiley:

If anyone outside of the USA is interested, please let me know how many you are interested in and I can give you an accurate quote on the shipping. I can also order the USA to the 2 round prong European outlet adapters for you (they are only $1).

I can fit 6 Noise Harvesters in a USPS Small Flat Rate Box. And 6 of the USA to Euro (2 prong) adapters. With the bigger UK plugs it will probably be 5.

A 5-pack is $225, an extra $10 off!


I’m interested as well, but I’d like to get some word from Paul on whether the US versions are capable of working through an adaptor on Australian 240v. Please comment Paul.

I found a forum thread discussing this and Paul comments that they send adapters with the Noise Harvesters (they call them NH).

Here are a few comments:

archive_Paul McGowan July 2011

Posts: 4,991archive_member

Not sure I think we only stock the German Shuko - but the adapters we use are nothing special - they are just cheap POS which is OK because the NH is a parallel device that nothing runs through except noise, which we’re eliminating anyway!

archive_Paul McGowan July 2011

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I don’t want to be argumentative but this is not true to my knowledge. All NH’s can handle 230.

here is the link:

This is true, Harvesters are not voltage specific. They work at any voltage.

Great, thanks Paul.

Wrong all these years! Dang it!

thanks Paul!

6 white and 18 black left…

Got my 3 little black noise harvesters today. Thanks Raymond!

Hooked the first one up to an outlet on my qb8 board… Instant disco! Hmmm, that’s not supposed to happen. I tried various outlets around the house, and using different harvesters (I got 3), but same reaction. The little critters just went pyscho, flashing away like a bomb was about to go off in my mains supply.

I came home this evening and everything was much calmer. That disco had turned into gentle waltz.

The answer, I think, is my solar panels. There is an inverter hooked up to my mains box to convert the DC from the panels into AC for the grid. I never new it was that noisy! Maybe it’s time to get a dedicated circuit to the hifi.