For Sale: PS Audio P5 Power Plant black


With regret I am selling my beloved PS Audio P5…

It needs no introduction, does miracles for your system!

My (and soon yours) P5 is black and just came back from PS Audio with a clean bill of health (it wasn’t feeling well and needed a checkup). There is still warrantee until October 2014.

It comes in its original double boxes, with the remote and the cotton sleeve.

The front has one small mark on the right bottom corner and on the top there are a few small marks.

I am asking only $1,700 plus shipping.

Please contact me with any questions you might have. My email is

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I also have to sell either my Primaluna Prologue 5 power amp ($850) or my Primaluna Dialogue 2 integrated amp ($1,999)


Nice pieces of kit and a great way to get into tubes.


Those Primaluna amps are the easiest tube amps out there with their adaptive auto bias.

Unfortunately I can keep only 1…

The P5 breaks my heart to sell, but have to…