For sale:  PS Audio PCA-2 preamp with phono stage module and High Current Power Supply (HCPS) [The PCA-2/HCPS is sold}


Good day, all.

Time to thin the herd and simplify my audio life.

For your consideration, the PCA-2 preamp with phono module plus the HCPS, which was built for me by Cullen Circuits. (I’m second owner of the PCA-2, which I bought with the phono module installed.)

Workhorse gear with lots of functions (gain adjustment for each input [very handy!], balanced inputs and outputs, etc., etc.). I’m assuming folks here know this gear so let’s proceed to how I’ll get the PCA-2 and HCPS in your hands.

The PCA-2 ships in its original (large!) double box. The HCPS ships in its original PS Audio box used by Cullen Circuits to ship to me. You’ll have superb protection in route for both pieces of gear.

The remote for the PCA-2 is included. Owner’s manuals are included for the PCA-2; a full-color printout is included for the HCPS.

Both the PCA-2 and the HCPS look like new. At least 8 of 10 for condition.

I’ve got lots of photos, but thought I would post here first and gauge interest.

Price for the PCA-2 with phono module and HCPS - $1399 (includes shipping to you, lower 48 in the United States only).

Note that I also have for sale a matching HCA-2 power amplifier with Stage 2 Signature modifications by Cullen Circuits. (There’s a separate ad for the HCA-2 in the Buy/Sell thread.)

Price for the HCA-2 with Stage 2 Signature mods - $899 (includes shipping to you, lower 48 in the US only).

Discounted combo price for all three pieces of PS Audio gear - $1999 (includes shipping to you, lower 48 in the United States only).

Payment by PayPal is A-OK (and no upcharge by me when you use PayPal).

Thanks for looking at my ad.

Cheers, y’all, Chaz