For Sale; PS Audio Perfectwave P3 Power Regenerator-Black/as new [Sold]


I have a PS Audio P-3 Perfectwave power regenerator in black for sale.

Unit is in perfect condition, operates flawlessly, and has always been used in a dedicated room on a dedicated 20 or 30 amp line, used with line level components only.

Unit is around 3 years old, comes with factory double boxing and packing, remote and manual.
The P3/P5 was and is a BIG upgrade over the Power Plant Premiers, in which I have owned several over the years, sonically and with video.

No marks or dings, looks almost new, works as new, no noise, no issues. 9/10

Was used in a dedicated HT room with processor, universal player, and projector hooked up, always cruising along at 200-350 watts or so- Light use.

Purchase from longtime Audiogoner [1999] and E-Bay user[1998], no worries.

Sell $1375 shipped including all fess. Ships CONUS only, with means Continental United States only, no exceptions.

Unit ships from 02301 zip-
No Paypal you can deduct $33, if you pick up you can deduct $100.
Price is fair and firm, no offers, no trades, thanks for looking!

Pick up from where?

02301 or can meet within hour or so of same once payment made, etc.


A bit too far for me (Indiana) for what would’ve been an impulse purchase. Best of luck; seems like a good price.


I put a zip in the post-

I replaced it with a P12, nice step up, BUT, real steep price increase over the P3-


What are the dimensions of the unit? Unbelievably, there are no dimensions in the user manual or on the product page.


The dimensions are on the spec tab of the webpage: 17 x 12 x 3.25 (inches).

Thanks Craig! Bill-

I really didn’t mean to make your sale my personal hobby, Bill. :wink: But since I participated in the thread, I get notifications of new posts now, and it was a question easily answered.

I do wish you luck in the sale. If my old P500 wasn’t still working (except for the filtered receptacles, which I expect to fix today with a fuse replacement), I’d seriously consider it.


Appreciate the help.

Trust me when I say the P3 was an excellent upgrade over the Premier, and likewise the P12 is definitely an upgrade over the P3 [video and sound], but the law of diminishing returns kick in on the cost of the P12 over the P3. Still a nice upgrade regardless.


People often write CONUS without really thinking it through. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is just as reliable as anywhere in the continental US. And between the 2 non-continental states, that’s another 2.1M in population :+1:

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The cost can be terrifying, however. The OP is including shipping in his offer to sell.

If someone Hawaii or Alaska make an offer and covering shipping I bet he will be interested.

As a 30 year resident of Hawaii, I can verify that Priority Mail is just as reliable as UPS or FedEx, and costs substantially less than either to Hawaii, and is super fast. Yes, shipping is less on the continental US, but Hawai’i and Alaska are by no means prohibitive.

For instance, I just ordered a pair of Magnepan LRS. FedEx was $300, UPS was $270, and Priority Mail was $127. The standard mainland CONUS LRS shipping is $80. Island residents are accustomed to paying the difference as we must do so for literally everything. Therefore there’s no reason for CONUS only listings :sunglasses:

Your example proves my point. The cheapest shipping you cite is over 50% more than within the mainland; the most expensive, over 350% higher.

But, as I already observed, if a Hawaiian or Alaskan resident overs shipping the OP will likely be interested.

Your point was that the shipping is “terrifying”. Unless you have a psychological condition in which $47 is particularly scary, and in context of something like a $6000 DS (or the like), $47 extra is immaterial. And the little extra is something a Hawaiian or Alaskan buyer would be happy to pay. I recently sold my DSJ, the shipping was $90. No biggy.

Thanks Elk-

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Good luck with your sale!

Thank you-

If he was serious about purchase I would cover the 1st $100 on shipping, he could take care of the rest. [-;

If he serious he can contact.

Thanks again, appreciate the help 4 sure

Best, Bill

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I see ads often say CONUS only. My only intent here is to point out that there’s no reason to make that stipulation which eliminates over 2 million people from a pool of buyers.

What you’re selling is a great product at a great price. Someone in the market for one is getting a fabulous deal.

We already covered this. It ended with you fussing over word choice. :roll_eyes:

Bill has made clear he would be delighted to entertain offers from Hawaiian or Alaskan residents.

Make him an offer!