For Sale; PS Audio Perfectwave P3 Power Regenerator-Black/as new [Sold]

Ok no worries.

I usually include shipping in my ads, when I sell off and upgrade my gear, so, HI and AL is usually a bit more [sometimes much more] than standard CONUS shipping.

If someone is interested in HI or AL shipping, and real serious, they will usually contact, etc.[but its rare]

I tell you though, I sent an amplifier a few months ago out to Texas, southern Texas, and because it was a hole in the wall just after the cattle creek and underneath the canyon, it cost $150 to ship a 55 pound/$1000 amplifier to him!

Anyways, thanks again for the reply to the posts, this is a great site to post, wish I had known about it before-

Best, Bill

Another way of looking at that is I was graciously pointing out your error. You are totally welcome :joy:

Sorry, AK for Alaska!

You are right about shipping, its expensive and sometimes unpredictable, especially these days-

Thanks again for the posts-


Bill, I just realized your photos make this look different from the current “Stellar” P3. Is it? If so, the information I gave earlier on dimensions is probably wrong.

Hi, no, this is the older but more expensive P3, with the higher output wattage-

No worries man, appreciate the help-

Best, Bill

Vince, my apologies for giving you bad information on the dimensions of the unit. I hadn’t realized this is different from the Stellar P3.

You’re right that the manual doesn’t include a spec page with this information, which is kind of odd. I had to track it down to Reference AV, a site in the UK. They list the unit dimensions for the Perfectwave P3 as 17" x 14" x 4" (w/d/h).

It was kind of you to track this down.

I had never considered mailing a set of speakers or anything larger than a small box. Interesting. :thinking:

Since I erred in the information I gave him, I thought it was my responsibility.

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Crutchfield’s entire Hawai’i operation ships via the post office, including huge tower speakers and furniture. They’ll ship a fully assembled 200 lb Salamander AV cabinet via Priority Mail.

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I’ll buy it if it’s still for sale.

Hi, it sold, thanks for the reminder to pull the ad down!

Best, Bill