For Sale: PW DirectStream DAC Bridge II (SOLD)

We are selling a PW Bridge II / Code Number U-BRIDGE2-UNV


Where did you get a Bridge II card with a USB input? I thought that (USB port) went the way of the Dodo Bird with Bridge I.


Bought it from Moon Audio in NC on 1/5/19. It was in an already upgraded PerfectWave DirectStream DAC.

We have never used the Bridge II, but we can assure you that it is in fact a Bridge II.

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Who is “we” to whom you repeatedly refer?

“We” My Wife and myself.

It’s a professional business habit (we own a restaurant) not to use I. LOL

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More photos of the Bridge II:

It was precisely this professional habit which caused me to ask the question. If the seller is a business, not a private seller, potential buyers should be made aware.

We agree, we are in fact private sellers.

We called PS Audio this week and they told us the PS Audio Item Code for our

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Understood; thanks for the reply.


PS Audio stopped producing Bridge II cards with USB ports just shy of two years ago, so that dates the card about 2 years or greater in age. Of course age and use are two completely separate attributes.

When we were buying the already upgraded PerfectWave DirectStream DAC from the Authorized Dealer we called PS Audio to make sure that everything was current and the unit had a full warranty.

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