For Sale: Sonore Rendu i2S [Sold]


The Sonore Rendu i2s is an audiophile network audio player with Ethernet input and i2s output. This was Jesus’ personal unit and the one we used to verify compatibility with NativeX in the Mark II PWD over the i2s connections. Perfect condition, no scratches or cosmetic blemishes of any kind. True gapless playback with no skips, dropouts, or lost connections. All sample rates up to 24/192 are supported. The unit has worked flawlessly for me over the last 12 months since it replaced my troublesome Bridge. The SQ in my opinion is better than the Bridge it replaced. This unit is i2s output only and is compatible with the PWD I and II, Directstream, W4S DAC-2’s and several others listed on the website. I will also include a 1m Audioquest Chocolate HDMI cable, shipping and insurance for $800. For more detailed information, please visit . You can contact me by e-mail at


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