for sale: two(2) 25 foot Audioquest Vodka HDMI cables

I initially purchased these two(2) 25 foot Audioquest Vidka HDMI cables for the purposes of having one run from my DISH NETWORK HOPPER (to receive 4K from NETFLIX) connected directly to the HDMI 1 input of my JVC projector; the second was for my OPPO205 player (also to receive 4K) directly to the HDMI 2 input of the JVC.

I decided to go with the FIBBR Optica Fiber Cable Ultra Pro and have no use for the Audioquests. I purchased them several months ago and initially connected them as discribed with no damage incurred. The purchase price, new, was approx. $1,035 per cable. The problem is that I do not know what a reasonable asking price is to sell them. If anyone is interested, please add to this discussion and I will respond.


Hi … can I ask you how you like the Fibbr hdmi cable and do you see any improvements over the Audioquest cable?

I, like you, run a projector and use a 15 metre cable. I’m not sure if my current cable can pass HDR info correctly at this length so I’m looking at this cable and would like to hear an owner’s comments on the quality.


…sorry for the late response…the FIBBR HDMI cables work great! However, my JVC projector has a long delay in recognizing the 4K input and as a result I’m having problems both with the NETFLIX channel via the DISH NETWORK and my OPPO205 Audiophile player. At first, I thought that it was a DISH NETWORK HOPPER3 receiver but it also happens with the OPPO. I’ve read that JVC knows of this problem and, from what I understand, has no intentions of fixing it! So…that would present a problem for me down the line if I ever want to trade up to a real 4K projector in terms of selling my present one. (The JVC has what’s called an e-shift mechanism that gives you faux K, but it also accepts 4K input from, in my case, NETFLIX and the OPPO…the resulting image when I actually am able to get the handshake working is wonderful, much better than e-shift but it is still only an “enhanced” 4K presentation rather than a true 4K image.) I was initially informed that it was a NETFLIX problem, then it was a DISH problem…but I believe that it is an actual JVC problem. I got sick and tired of rebooting the HOPPER after several months and what I do now is when I go to an HD channel to NETFLIX on the HOPPER and get sound but no image, I switch the inputs on the JVC and put on the OPPO which gives me the OPPO menu…then I go back to the DISH input on the projector and sometimes it works. It’s very frustrating I’ve waited too long to call AVSCIENCE from whom I purchased the JVC to discuss what, if anything,can be done. Mike at AVSCIENCE is great in responding and answering technical questions…but the though of returning the projector for some type of correction has held me back in contacting him…

I know you simply wanted an answer regarding the FIBBR cables but this is what I’m experiencing regarding the handshake issues.

Thanks for the response.

The reason I asked is that I’ve a 15 meter QED Active Performance, (UK brand), going from my processor to my Sony projector. The cable is 4K, certified to 18 gig but not Premium certified. I’ve no picture breakup or anything when watching 4K but I wonder if I changed to the FIBBR, (which have a higher spec than mine), whether I would get a better picture, especially with HDR material.

Yes, I’m aware of the JVC handshake issues. I’ve always stuck with Sony as I like the picture and much easier for me to obtain than JVC, also prefer Sony motion handling, which is important to me.

I’m interested to hear if you got better picture quality by changing from the Audioquest to the FIBBR?

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