Forum / User Control Panel not accessible

Nevermind,… user error,… lol…

Johnny said

Nevermind,… user error,… lol…

Sounds like you figured it out :slight_smile: But just to clear up any confusion:

The ‘Control’ link gives limited access to Powerplay through our website, and we are currently working on that system hence the message you were seeing.

You should be able to modify your forum profile by clicking on the Profile button located at the top of any forum thread, to the right of your avatar and username.

Let us know if you need any further help!

Any update on this please? Still unable to access the Control page for my P10 and would like to rename some of the inputs (I realise this is hardly critical).

Usually one might only deactivate the old system once the new system is up and running in order to ensure a seamless transfer.

The old system is still up and running and the switchover wasn’t to take place until after the holidays. When did this start happening? It should be working.

It is working fine for me (I have the Control page up this very moment as a test).

Actually I think the problem might be with my network as the indicator is red on the panel. I’ll investigate and confirm.

I always intended my first post to be an introduction to me and my system so I will do this when I can.

In the meantime Merry Christmas all!

I hope you get things quickly sorted.

Happy New Year all.

Over Christmas I managed to gain access by simply entering the IP address of the P10 into Chrome on my home network. This brought up a rudimentary control panel which I was able to use to rename inputs.

Today I thought I’d try to access the control panel again but I notice that this page now only contains a link to Powerplay. I followed the link, registered my details and now I can use this instead. laugh