Found: MG Audio Design AG2S2 RCA interconnects

Found: Rue having sold my MG Audio Design AG2S2 RCA’s last summer. A 1m pair now needed for hooking up a pair of subs to a DS dac. PM me if you have or know of a pair. Thanks,

Just my 2-cents. You don’t need a cable that good for subs! If you want a second option, ask Paul at PSA. He’ll back me up.

I love my MG Audio XLR’s! Great cables!

I didn’t realize that this thread was still active. It’s too late: I’ve been procrastinating setting up a pair of JL Audio e-110 subs until I’ve worked out whether or not it’s worth upgrading their fuses, but in the meantime found a pair of MG Audio Design AG2S2 RCA’s. Since I’m going to be running from the DS to the subs to the ATC SCM19A’s, it strikes me that the better the signal going to the subs, the better to the main speakers. Remember, Paul is not feeding his subs directly with ICs, but I assume indirectly via a BHK preamp to amp run(s). I’ve asked him about that, but it is a lot removed from my setup.

I asked Paul, and once he understood my setup, he said thar both IC runs are important.