FPGA and sound quality

Lately I was on a vinyl binge. I just went back to digital and there was a update on my Aurender N10 so I just updated . I believe it uses FPGA like the DS. The update plus the update to the DS with Windom is unbelievable. Such fullness and energy to the sound that I don’t miss vinyl so badly as before. Seems like to me every time there is a firmware update to either the streamer or dac, I can expect improvement in SQ. There has been many updates to the Aurender. They added MQA, internet radio, they aready have Tidal and Qobus, now added Spotify. I believe it’s done by FPGA. They stream the update through the internet. Anyway, the sound is better than it ever was before.
I’ve been using the Matrix 2 with a external power supply I salvaged from a broken Uptone Regent. The power supply is 7v output and it did improved the sound from not having a power supply. I just ordered a Sbooster BOTW with 5-6v output because it looks better than the Uptone LPS 1.2. The transformer and parts looks better on the Sbooster. Anyway, just thought to give it a shot and see if there’s any difference.