FR30 Set Up, Tweaks and Burn In

AUVA100 just showed up, and I’m surprised by its size. Here’s a side-by-side comparison to Herbie’s Giant Titanium Glider. The Giant has become mini:


FR-30 Simply becomes an amazing pair of speakers when pairing with AUVA 100 footers. How amazing? They produce beautiful music that I have yet to hear from any speakers regardless of their prices. The SQ reminds me of, interestingly, what an AQ Dragon HC power cord did to my system for the first time. There is incredibly better control of all frequencies, and the soundstage has much more solidity. More importantly, the music becomes more relaxed. At the same time, I also hear more detail and focus. These AUVA footers are indeed better than XSSH and Herbie’s Titanium, and the improvement over these excellent footers are not subtle. I am surprised!

Here is how the footers look like on FR-30, and with the speaker size the footers look nice and appropriately sized:

Once installed it would take 10 minutes to settle, and this change in SQ was quite noticeable in my system.

Also, I was able to raise the rear by 3/8”. It works simply fine in my room.


Looks great (the system too) :slightly_smiling_face:. Are you using spikes? I know you got special ones. Wonder if two spike heights could be used to get a better rake angle (for me) :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I removed the stock spikes because AUVA footers come with M-8 screws (need to order the right size). They are designed to replace the existing spikes for most of the speakers.

I ordered longer screws from Amazon too, but I do not think I need them anymore. 3/8" adjustment is the max. you can do on these which is about the same as the stock ones. You may need the longer screws if you decide to go with them.


You were asking for a longer M8 screw so the tilt-angle can be adjusted more. I received the longer M-8 screws from Amazon (from another member’s post that I could not find) and decided to use them on the real footers of FR-30.

It works very nicely! AUVA comes with its own adjusting rings, and with the longer screws the tilt angle can be adjusted easily to more than 3/8". In my case I like it between 3/8 and 1/2 inches.

You should try them.


Thanks for the AUVA reports and pictures. I have been planning to make that move, but trying for once not to do a bunch of upgrades at same time… I think I will buy the 70’s - i am sure 100’s are better. I don’t need to make FR30s look any bigger… not that my wife pays any attention to this craziness. I currently use same Herbies as you, along with same great speaker cables - Silversmith.
I will give an update in a month or 2 when i upgrade to the AUVA’s.


Sounds great! Looking forward to hearing your feedback on AUVA 70.

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Do you have the Amazon link for the longer M8 bolt?

I got mine from:

Prime-Line 9186640 Socket Set Screws, Metric, M8-1.25 X 45MM, Black Oxide Coated Steel (10 Pack)

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I’ve had the AUVA 100s for a while now and they will definitely be going under my FR30s… Just started the process of doing quite a bit of Room Treatment in my Listening Room so had disconnect and take everything down. Hopefully I’ll have something to share before the end of the month… :crossed_fingers:


What type of floors do you have? I’m trying to assess the merit of these isolators, given I have less resonating (I think) concrete floors.

I installed the AUVA 70 Loudspeaker Isolators on my FR-30’s and the effect was spooky to say the least. The soundstage depth appeared to double with some instruments appearing to be beyond the back wall. The space between instruments also grew. I was hearing previously unheard details. The bass tightened up and I found myself reducing volume as the system appeared to be playing louder. Toe-in is 1" and the back of the speaker is raised about 1/4" as my ear height is 40 1/2" off the floor and the tweeter is quite a bit higher . . .


Welcome to the forum. Beautiful system. I’m jealous!


Happy to join! My system is a long time project. I recently retired, moved to Colorado and had a dedicated listening room built which was a huge improvement over a small listening area in a Brooklyn apartment.


Welcome! I found AUVA footers for FR-30s are match-in-heaven. I have a set of their AUVA EQ for equipment too, but I am waiting for the replacement of the inserts because I ordered the wrong weight (CAS2 but CAS1 is the correct one).

My new streamer should be here next week and I will try these on it. :man_dancing:

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That’s my next step too, looking to place the AUVA footers under my DAC and then maybe the streamer.

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