FS: 16.5 feet pair of Naim NAC A5 white speaker cables

$275 inc. shipping and PayPal in contiguous USA. Current cost of this cable is $125/m/pair, so this 5 m (16.5’) pair would cost $625 if new.

See https://www.naimaudio.com/product/nac-a5 for specs. This cable was a long time fixture in Art Dudley’s system. (Listening #80 | Stereophile.com) Also reviewed here: http://tomtomaudio.co.uk/reviews/NACA5%20speaker%20cable.pdf

Naim designed their amps so that the cable was part of the circuit, but you needed a certain length (hence these are 5m long).

I can take off the spades and provide Naim right angle connectors if you prefer.

Changed to a FS ad., since there was no interest in a trade. Priced fairly, I hope - listed as $26/ft $$$ in September 2020’s Stereophile recommended components.