FS: 60cm Curious “Evolved” USB-A to USB-B cable [Sold]

For sale - brand new (2 weeks old) Curious “evolved” USB cable.
Sounds amazing!
$425 including shipping in CONUS - Paypal

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Hi, are you sure it’s 60cm not 80?

Positive - I had it custom built for 60cm and the box says 60cm, and I measured it to make sure it was built to 60cm.

Hi, very interested in the curious cable. Is it still available??
I’m in PHX, AZ. let me know.


Yes - still available; I live in Goodyear.

Price reduction - $400 - more love from the desert!

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I know this is an old post but it’s not marked as sold. Is it still available?

No, sold already… sorry