FS: Audeze iSine 10 Headphones

Price dropped to $250, including free shipping in US and no Paypal fees.

This is a just-purchased pair of the new Audeze planar in-ear headphones. More information about them is here:


These were a gift, just a few weeks ago. The sound on these is phenomenal, but I am not really an indoor headphone listener - most of my headphone listening is done while working out - and for that I use Etymotics. If you are a serious headphone user these would definitely fit the bill. They sound amazing with the BHK preamp’s headphone amp. When used with iPhones or iPads, there is a free app available that lets you adjust various frequencies like a graphic equalizer. The iPhone lightning cord also includes a remote mic for taking calls; the remote includes a built in amp/DAC that takes advantage of the lightning connector by skipping the iPhone’s circuitry).

Retail is $399, I’ll sell them for $320 firm. I’ll pay shipping in the continental US. For payment: Paypal, personal check (I’ll wait for it to clear) or bank check are all fine. Everything is included: Packaging, two cords (one traditional and one lightning cord for iPhones), multiple fitting options, and manual (on a USB flash drive).