FS: Audible Illusions Modulus 3A preamp


I am the second owner of this preamp, purchased many years ago and used for several years in my main system. I upgraded preamps a while back and decided it was time to clean the closet. The preamp was checked out by my local audio repair shop (Soundsmith in Peekskill, NY) who gave it a clean bill of health except for one dying tube; they also cleaned the contacts on the volume controls which they said were dirty. I installed a new set of Russian tubes recommended by Upscale Audio as appropriate for this preamp – not the most subtle of tubes but durable in this model (they say). I have the receipt for the tubes and will include it, along with the original manual. I do not have original box but will pack very carefully.

The unit is black and includes the standard (not ‘gold’) phono board. Price $1225, buyer pays shipping.

This preamp is a classic and a great way to get into tubes without spending megabucks. Google for lots of reviews. You can check my 100% positive feedback at Audiogon, username magister. Thanks for looking!

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A wonderful preamp, well on its way to becoming a well-deserved classic.

Kevin Deal and clan at Upscale Audio always provide excellent advice. I am certain the suggested tubes are wonderful.

Good luck with the sale.


That is a good deal on a very nice pre. I have an MFA Magus that I think I should sell, but just can’t bring myself to do it. Similar kind of concept of pre with an onboard phono stage.