FS: Audio Excellence Power Wing II

Audio Excellence Power Wing II AC line conditioner and filter handmade in the USA. This unit was designed and built by Alan Kafton, creator of the Audiodharma Cable Cooker. It uses an 18-guage, non-magnetic stainless steel chassis, 14-gauge stainless steel top plate, and CNC-fabricated one-inch-thick Corian end-caps. The Corian supports allow the Power Wing II to be placed either on its sides inside an equipment rack, for example, or upright next to or behind equipment racks. It measures 20” long by 5” wide by 5.5” tall.

Features include 3 Oyaide R-1 outlets and an R-1 IEC inlet, a Bybee large Gold Bullet, and fo Q. damping material applied to internal surfaces. An ultra-fast Carlingswitch™ magnetic circuit breaker was chosen for the on-off switch, the first line of defense in the three-stage surge and spike protection circuit.

The unit’s total cost to me was $4,600 and it’s being offered at $1,950 plus shipping.