FS - BHK Signature 300 Amplifiers - Black [Sold]

Hi All,

This is my first post so apologies if I do anything incorrectly

I have a pair of as new BHK Signature 300 Amplifiers in Black for sale - I am asking $16,500 ono (AUD) for them

These are as new, with no modifications or changes. I purchased these new from Macleans late last year. These would have less than 100 hours on them, so they still have a little bit to go before fully broken in.

These are in Australia


George g

Now 16,500 Aud.

Eggmeister said Hi All,

This is my first post so apologies if I do anything incorrectly

Welcome to the PS Audio forums!

I’ve been following your sale on SNA also, the used market is pretty tough despite the pedigree of the hardware.

Yes I agree the used market is tough at the moment,

I’ve had a few very silly lowball offers, but nothing serious.

Just curious, since we all have differing needs from gear, what isn’t to your liking about the BHK’s?

Might be worth noting on the Stereo.net.au website that the PS Audio warranty is fully transferrable, this is an excellent aspect of PS Audio’s T & C’s.

Getting back up to 90%+ of the street price (ex-GST) would be an unbelievably great result, GLWTS.

The BHK’s are fantastic amps, I just have the opportunity to purchase something else that I’d like to try.

I am now aware that the warranty is transferable and have included it in my FS thread at stereonet. (thank you)

It is now available for 16K AUD.

Just wondering about the “mains-in” voltage of your amps.

As I understand it, the voltage in Australia is 230 volts.

They might be of less interest in the USA given that the USA has a 120 volt Mains instead of the 230 you use, which is unfortunate.

This could hamper your sale somewhat here in the States.

Just saying…

In any event, good luck with your amp sale.

I have known PS for a very long time, and as such they still amaze me in the continuous high-quality of sound that their products produce.

Hi Sandrock,

The amps are set for Australian voltage, I know there are a few “Aussie” members on this forum so I thought I’d list them here as well.

No problem - hope it helps with the sale.

The transferrable warranty communicates ‘decency’ about PS Audio that many other manufacturers lack, and suggests the others are simply asking too much for their gear and using non-transferable warranty to drive the primary channel.

I haven’t been active here for quite a while, but Brod is perth based and I’m sydney based and there’s a quite a few other Australians that came out of the wood work when the BHK’s were first announced. Although I don’t think I noticed many on here that were not on SNA.

If I thought there was any chance on earth that could get 70% of RRP for my JC-1’s, I’d swap over to your BHK’s in no time at all.

Disappointed for you George, these should have been snapped up quick sticks!

If I didn’t have the 250 (and ordered the prehappy-132_gif) there is a chance they would be at my house.

Good luck mate


You might want to update this advert to match your movement on price in SNA - you might find a UK buyer (I think has the same voltage as Australia) ?

As mentioned on SNA, I cannot determine peak current or microfarad capacity of the BHK’s anywhere on the PS Audio website.

Even though plenty of reviews note that the Mono’s have “double the current”.

Continued GWLTS.


I now have these for sale at $14,000 AUD ono

For those who may be interested and I have confirmed this with Bill at Macleans Hifi (where these amplifiers were purchased in October 2015) that the warranty is transferable as long as the purchaser registers with Bill and he will provide the balance of the warranty which is 3 years


George g

These are now sold.

Congratulations Egg, long time waiting. Will be interesting to see the next evolution.

Yes, Congratulations Mr Egg. Glad you were finally able to get rid of them.

I didn’t see the SNA ad after AU$13.5k, I hope it didn’t have to go too much lower.

Really interested where you end up next.

Might it be a Soulution 501 ? Or better ?