FS: BHK Signature 300 Mono Block *Price Reduction*

Upgraded from a BHK 250 to my dream mono blocks. As part of the deal I ended up with three but only need the pair.

These were purchased new in April 2020 by the original owner and are under warranty until 2023. There are some light surface scratches on the top from the plastic wrap/foam due to shipping but that can be buffed out. Regardless you’d only notice it under flash/direct light from above. Other than that the heatsink finish is like new, rear, and front face are as well and the unit is in excellent condition overall.

For sale is a single (1) BHK Signature 300 amplifier. Just one you ask? Use it for a center channel or sub with your existing PS Audio BHK amplifiers or maybe realize that you’re purchasing it at such a discount you could easily utilize PS Audio’s trade in/trade up program to get rid of your current amplifier and purchase a mate direct!

$3250 Price includes domestic shipping.

Feel free message if you have any questions.


Not disputing what you’ve put to print, just curious, why the front panel graphic reads BHK Signature 300 Amplifier - if all the amplifiers were bought in 2020.
Current amplifiers PerfectWave M300 Amplifier. See photo taken of my M300 front panel - amplifiers just over 1 year old… ?!?

As far as the purchase date I don’t dispute the original purchase date or that they were new. I do see manufacture/inspection report with the amplifier is Nov 2018 so that could account for the difference in labeling. No telling when the dealer purchased them and how long they were in the showroom before they were bought in 2020. I’m sure PS Audio produces in runs based on inventory and thus even if purchased direct from PS Audio the production date might be a year or more prior on some items (I don’t see these flying off the shelves so to speak).

Having said that everything i’ve ever seen online matches what I have as well as my friend who has the same amps (and turned me onto PS Audio in the first place). His are a little more than two years old now and he bought them new.

Update: Just to shed a little more light on Elk’s post below it looks like the rebranding/labeling happened in 2020 per customer support.

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PSA established a naming convention where all PerfectWave products are consistently named. “PerfectWave BHK M300” is the new name. ( BHK applies only to those products Bascom designed.)

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Super rare to see a single 300 come up…great opportunity to power your center with a fantastic amp if you already have twin 300s…or buy a set that is for sale or a set that soon will be :slight_smile:

Once again…rare chance here!

Price Reduction: $3000 Shipped CONUS. Thanks!

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Still available! Thanks for looking!

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Still available! Santa might grunt at the weight but there’s plenty of time to get this under your tree for the holidays!

Still available thanks for looking!

Price Reduced! $2650 shipped CONUS!


I wish you had two at this price! It’s a great deal none the less!

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I recently purchased M1200’s so deep discounts on BHK wouldn’t surprise me!

What a deal to the right buyer! Somebody snap this up.

Care to share some specifics RE: “new lines”?


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See new thread: “New BHK 600?”