FS: BHK Signature Preamp - Silver - Reduced Price - SOLD

I’m simplifying my system and have decided to sell my BHK Preamp. Purchased new in November 2018 and has 933 days of warranty remaining. It’s in like new condition and includes original double boxes, power cord, remote, manual, gloves, and Amperex 7308 tubes which have 175 hours on them ($200 value).

I have decided to reduce the price for my PS Audio friends. Asking $3400 shipped within the U.S.

PM if interested. Reasonable offers considered!

Thanks for looking!

This is also listed on the Audiogon and U.S. Audio Mart, but I would prefer to sell here.

Off Topic:

Is it just me, or does this particular piece of kit look way better in the “silver” as opposed to the black?

My DS Sr. is silver and I like it just fine, but something about this preamp’s lines and the silver color appeals to me – at least in pictures.

Good luck with your sale.

I agree. I bought my BHK monos in silver after seeing them in person. The rest of my system, BHK pre, DSD, DMP, are all black.

Looks exactly like mine it is a nice looking piece!

I reduced the price for my PS Audio friends! Let’s get this sold!

Wait what?! When did you aquire the BHK preamp? You were a firm believer in running your DAC direct without a pre. How does your system sound with the pre vs without?

Gary, I was also dac to amp for quite a while, and , resistant to add a pre. I finally gave it a shot and was blown away by the thick analogish sound that was coming from my system. Never looked back.

I haven’t heard my system with the BHK preamp yet, but I have no doubt it will improve the SQ. Just like hear from others who resisted and then took the plunge.
The BHK preamp is next on my list.

I acquired the preamp about a month ago. Got a very good deal I could not resist, no where near $6000. I need to clarify my position. I was adamant that the system sounded wonderful without it. I never had any issue with excess noise and I have always had a large deep soundstage that exceeded the width of my listening room. With the addition of the preamp the soundstage has stretched even farther the sound is warmer and a little more dynamic. I appreciated the improvement especially considering the value I received for the money spent. I still to this day do not understand the hard time I got in this forum over my position. I clearly heard the improvement the P-10 made in my system before the preamp ever entered the picture. I have enjoyed trying different tubes in the preamp to see how the affect the sound quality.


Although I believe the addition of the BHK preamp would improve things, like you I’m completely satisfied at the moment running the DSD directly into my BHK 250, and feel like nothing is lacking. No noise, great soundstage, and very analog like.

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Just a couple hours in on a new Black BHK Sig Preamp, and the Black is stunningly beautiful, it’s difficult to trust someone else’s experience, but in this case, the Preamp needs no accolades as it is everything the reviewers have stated. 1st impression is the coherency, articulate and robust, enhanced resolution, and then the emotional transfer, all very much worth the price of admission here.

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Nice! Can’t wait to hear your reaction once the BHK warms up and really settles in.

Clear the mind of expectation and this piece of gear really impresses and extrudes gratitude, thank Mr Bascom K and the PSA Team… Al petrie/J1hampton, Houston

All this talk about how great it is, now someone needs to buy this one! :grinning:

If I could sell one more piece of used gear, I’d be buying this preamp.


The preamp has sold!