FS Black PS Audio DirectStream DAC w/Bridge 2 + Extras - (SOLD)

I am selling my DirectStream Dac with the Bridge 2 card and it’s in great condition. Windom is installed(of course). I’m also including an installed Synergistic Research Red fuse (The original PS Audio fuse is included in the red fuse box). Also included is a PS Audio Prelude SC power cord and a 1 meter pair of Nordost Blue Heaven RCA interconnects. Original Box and Remote and 2 PS Audio SD cards. I have misplaced the owners manual, so not included.
$3500.00 Shipped

Also, I am selling my Theta Casablanca 3 (No HDMI) processor that is upgradeable by Theta to the new Casablanca 5. It has the Superior II, the Superior and the balanced standard Dac cards installed. I shipped this to Theta in 2017 and they installed an upgraded power supply and checked the entire unit out (Receipt Included). Remote, New box from Theta and a copy of the manual. I am including with this the Theta Six Shooter passive preamp that attaches to the Casablanca that gives you two sets of bypassed multichannel inputs, bypassing the Casablanca DACs. I had the DirectStream plugged into the Six Shooter using one set of the bypassed stereo inputs. GREAT Sound!!
If you desire, I’ll sell the entire package, that is the DirectStream with the extras, The Casablanca and the Six Shooter all for $5000.00 shipped.