FS: Delta 250 monoblocks

I’m the original owner from 1991. Used them for 3-4 years, got married, and boxed them back up until a few months ago for the photos. That’s right, they’ve been literally unused and boxed up for a quarter century in the original packaging, sans a mod attempt on one of them in the early 2000s. I got back into audio a few years ago and bought newer and more expensive equipment and never revisited these…and now I’ve got too much audio equipment; time to let them go. The good news is one is in really excellent condition, the bad news is the other is a parts-only piece now.

The nice one was powered up through a rheostat over a few hours to reform the electrolytics and operated it for several hours at moderate volume to make sure it works fine…which it does. It looks basically like the day I bought it with the only knock on it being the footprints on the top-cover plate made from stacking the other one and a mod to lengthen the attached power cord to 10 feet. The heatsink is perfect, front face perfect, the speaker connectors and input RCA perfect, etc. It’s almost like out of a time capsule.

The parts-only piece is a hack job by someone I thought knew what he was doing that was going to mod them. It didn’t turn out well as you can see, and I never let him even think about touching the the other one. It ended up the hack job had a short from the output transistors to the heatsink ground and did some damage…as well as missing parts in trying to repair that fiasco…who knows what else is wrong with it. This a parts-only piece at this point IMO. However, the chassis, front and back, and various parts like the transformer are still in great condition. Top plate has the footprint marks from stacking as well as some light scratching. Overall from the outside it still is in really good condition.

I’m asking $700 for the good one and $150 for the parts-only unit, and also ask the buyer to pay for shipping. No paypal fees to the buyer as that has always annoyed me on that side of a deal.

Nice one:


I also have the original owners manual, original receipt, the original packaging, and even the PS audio service manual.

Where are these located?


I’m in the Seattle area.