FS: DirectStream (Black); great price [Sold]


Listing this here is probably akin to carrying coals to Newcastle, but maybe one of you PSAers is wishing to start a second system – and looking to take advantage of a terrific price on what you already know to be a terrific piece.

My problem, brought into clearer focus as I read through the Forum threads, is that my “senior ears” NEED the sharp-edged bite of lesser digital front-ends. My Cambridge Audio CDP pulls out enough detail (along with some nasties, too) that I feel involvement with my CD collection. The DS, for my ears, is a bit too soothing (sounds strange to actually write that, but I’m having to admit that my “normal” is not what it used to be).

As for my DS, it’s near-mint, with just the tiniest of blemishes on the top. Purchased in Feb. from the original owner, who bought it from a PSA dealer in October. Registered here in my name (and you know the warranty is transferrable). Factory box plus all its contents are here – PLUS an installed SR Red fuse ($90).

Of course, should this sell, I will immediately incur “seller’s remorse”, but I just cannot justify having significant funds tied up in gear that does not suit my (limited, unfortunately) listening abilities. I’ll pay shipping; you’ll deal with the 3% PayPal fee. Feel free to talk to me . . . and thanks.


PS: I’m located in Northern California


A solid, well-reasoned decision grounded in through evaluation.

Good luck with the sale!


Sorry to see you go Ron but I can’t argue with your decision. No piece of equipment is a perfect fit for everyone. Enjoy your Cambridge unit and maybe we’ll see you back here one of these days. Paul has hinted at a new NuWave DAC (the second-tier line) in the near future. You might want to give it a try when it comes out (on a 30-day trial basis, of course).


Thanks, Steve,

Actually, I plan to stick around here for awhile regardless; soon after the DS purchase, I found a great deal on a PWT, and since the transport section of my Cambridge is a bit shaky, I plan to KEEP the PW! (and those BIG numbers; can see them across the living room!)

I have not done any dabbling in “power” stuff, but might have to try a platform or lower-end regenerator one of these days. Any suggestions for a most-bang-for-the-least-buck entry point?

But back to the regularly-scheduled programming: anyone want a great deal on a DirectStream??



Hi Ron,

When you say “akin to carrying coals to Newcastle”, does that also imply you are located in Australia (with it’s formerly famous Newcastle port town) or the UK (likewise - I think - I’m Australian, so the former resonates) ?

I’m keen on any 230V gear.




I too hope you stick around!


The “carrying coal . . .” reference simply meant that it could be foolish to try and sell my DS here, where everyone, almost by definition, already owns one!

CA guy, by the way – and there IS another Newcastle w/in 35 miles of my home (but no coal, as far as I know)



Thanks for coming back to me Ron.

I’m relieved you are in America, since I ordered a Directstream, Memory Player + Sprout today.





SOLD . . . SOLD . . . SOLD

The website “glitch” a week or two ago might have deleted the post indicating that my DS has indeed found a new, appreciative home.

Thanks for all the inquiries . . .