FS: GCC-250 Great Shape **L@@K**


Uh…I’m sure this IA, must need very little introduction here, lol. So…just some pics and price then?

As you can see from the bright pics; this unit is in very good shape. In fact, I can’t find a scratch on it. Audiogon rating of 8/10, in my book; because…I am not the original owner, and it does have this “alternative” remote (not the “credit-card” style, I usually see associated with this unit). But it’s remarkably, almost as new (except for the remote…which does have a few of the usual scrapes)

Asking $1295; plus actual s&h from 21801, 3% PayPal, etc. Thanks

Oh…never traded here. HiEndPawn at Audiogon (just a name), where you can confirm my 213-100% feedback rating. I also have the amp listed over there…for $1395. You know how those guys like to haggle…lol; so I figure I’d just give the PSA guys the home-town discount :wink:

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