FS - Harmonic Technology Digital Copper Cable


No longer need this cable so up for sale. In excellent condition but no longer have original packaging. $65 OBO and will cover shipping and only ship within CONUS.

Here is the description and original pricing from Music Direct:

Harmonic Technology Copper Digital Cable

Rich Dynamics and Impressive Frequency Response

Copper Digital is an exact copy of Harmonic Technology 's Silver Digital, with the substitution of Single Crystal TM (OCC) copper refined to 6N (99.9997%) laboratory-grade purity level. True 75 Ohm design with coaxial construction is used, unlike other competing brands, which enables an accurate data transfer with better sonic benefits.

Copper Digital allows a great reduction of grain and fuzz, preserving the harmonic richness of the original recording. A velvety-black background is also highlighted, so that small details appear to be suspended in the soundstage. Since copper has a slightly ‘rich’ sound, with added bass and slightly less treble detail than silver, this copper digital cable will be a great match for systems that need more ‘sweetness’ in the highs. Treble detail is quite smooth and yet very apparent, the best of both worlds.

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Hi, is this basically a coax cable? What’s the length of it?

Yes. It is 1.5 Meters.