FS: Harmonic Technology Magic 1.4A HDMI .7M cable - original owner

Excellent condition - huge improvement over PS Audio HDMI cables.
I am original owner, always used w/ PS Audio DS Stack. I have original box, bag etc.
Retail $200. Selling for $100 including FedEx shipping.

The Magic Audio HDMI Rev. 1.4A is a high speed HDMI cable using only the purest OFC 99.9% pure copper. Although better than average at transmitting video images, this HDMI cable is widely known to perform better than many over $500 HDMI cables in the market in transmitting the audio part of the signal.

from article… I can put this review to bed quite quickly for many of you by reporting here and now that once I put the Harmonic Technology in place, I knew the PS Audio I2S-12 HDMI cable would not be going back in by choice. Now to put this in perspective, I had bought PS Audio’s top of the range IS2-12 silver cable after investing in the PWT/PWD combo to be confident I was not short-changing the digital front-end with the Pangea HDMI I had on hand when the units arrived. Since I’d purchased the PS Audio cable on clearance, I did not feel too bad that I experienced little improvement with this wire (oh, the folly of audio perfectionism). That was true until I heard the Harmonic Technology cable. Immediately on it replacing PS Audio’s wire, I could hear more of everything. On almost every sonic parameter that matters to me: timbre, clarity, resolution, and sense of space, the Harmonic Technology seemed better. Using my reference music that forms the basis of every review I conduct (from Metheny/Haden’s Beyond to Missouri Sky to Starker’s early and later recordings of the Bach Cello Suites) the Harmonic Technology cable just left the music through in a more natural manner that made listening more pleasurable.

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