FS: KEF R300 Black lacquer, Gorgeous! [Sold]


When I bought the R300’s I was really torn between the R300 and the smaller (and less expensive) LS50 and spent a bunch of time listening to both. In the end I decided on the R300 for a couple of reasons but primarily because the R300 is really a more domestic product. It has a grill, the always naked driver of the LS50 does look cool but the wife (and me) like to be able to cover them up, the R300’s have grills. The bass is better, the R300 is the rare three way bookshelf. It can really crank out the bottom end, it has surprising deep, tight and tuneful bass that the LS 50 just couldn’t match. And overall I just found the R300 a bit easier to listen to long term, they simply aren’t as analytical as the LS50 and I found them a bit more fun to listen to. The LS50 is great if you want the last little bit of detail, but after lots of listening to both I found I preferred the bigger more easy going sound of the R300.

I’ve struggled a bit on how to rate them but in the end I’ve gone with 10/10… they are flawless, the finish is as new… there are Zero, none, nada flaws… I am the original owner, with all boxes packing, and documentation. Simply put they are as new as used can be. You will not find a nicer pair outside of buying a new pair, and side by side I doubt you could see any discernible difference between mine and a new pair.

Please feel free to make reasonable offers, but keep in mind I’ve priced them pretty much where they need to be.

New $1799.00 Sell $1199.00



Yes indeed. Makes it hard to photograph too, but it also shows just how mint they are!