FS: Kimber Select KS1130 1 meter

Used in a smoke-free, pet-free listening room. A like new pair of balanced Kimber Kable 1130 interconnects. One of the best balanced cables available, and in perfect condition.

I’m the second owner. The first was an employee at Kimber Kable.

I’m selling because I don’t use these anymore, as my current linestage isn’t balanced. And to help fund a new speaker and dac purchase.

These are still the best sounding balanced interconnects I’ve heard. Very clear, dimensional, and revealing.

New, these are about $2,500.

Taking reasonable offers. IMG_20160625_232216.jpgIMG_20160625_232125.jpgIMG_20160625_232159.jpgIMG_20160625_232431.jpgIMG_20160625_232226.jpg