FS: LOWER Price! $3699 Anthem STR Power Amplifier

New Price!

Unfortunately plans have changed, I am in the Military and I just got an overseas assignment so this amplifier will just sit in a box. Too much money for me to just have in storage.

Modern design for todays sound! The STR Power Amplifier delivers 400 Watts/channel into 8 ohms with both channels driven, a massive 600 Watts/channel into 4 ohms (both channels driven) and 800W in 2 ohms, for true no-holds-barred performance.!


Perfect condition rated as 8/10 (by Audiogon standards) but there are no scratches or condition issues. Comes with factory double boxes, manual. MSRP is $5999.00. I am passing along the savings as this was a demo. $3699!
Buyer pays all fees, shipping etc…

Gorgeous and fairly priced. I hope it sells quickly.

Thank you! It would be great to keep it but it doesn’t make sense right now. Duty calls!

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Thank you for your service!

I hope you can sell it before you need to leave.

You are very welcome! I am proud to serve. I come from a military family and have been in most of my life. It is truly rewarding.

The amplifier is a great piece and I think it is priced right.

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