FS: Matrix X-SPDIF 2 (SOLD)

Includes original box, manual and USB cord. $300 shipping CONUS and Paypal included.

I’m interested. Let me know who to paypal

Great Paul. Paypal is . . . .


I’ll ship it tomorrow morning.

UPS. Got it. Thank you

Thanks Jerry! The matrix sounds great!

And I bet you’ll never go back!!! The I2S connection is just superb and brought out something in the DS that I’ve never experienced. Go back to the 2019 firmware - red cloud and snowmass and try them. You may like one of them better. I also heeded Tim Connor’s advice about signal degradation and he was kind enough to give me a 0.5m hdmi cable. Very inexpensive and just as good as the expensive ones. See Kitsune Hi-Fi. Most of all enjoy!!

I already ordered an .6 Audioquest Diamond HDMI for my oppo’s I2S card. The I2S card is currently OOS so the diamond will be going on the Matrix! Now I have to get a Diamond USB and a sbooster!