FS: McIntosh MCT450 and MC2205

Just add speakers, and you have what people nowadays would call a complete digital system. I’m no professional, but here’s my .02 on these and the absolute truth…

The C47 is a roon ready swiss army knife. If I didn’t live in the city, I’d probably keep it around. Proper box, etc. (sold!)

The MC2205 is amazing, and I’m not sad if this doesn’t sell. I purchased from a small shop (Gold Sound) in Denver a little over a year ago. It’s a 70s, 200WPC stereo amp…stock, meters work. Legit Walnut enclosure from Audio Classics. So green shag! I have instructions and caps, among a few other items in the event that “Old Trusty” fails (I bought a little package off of ebay around the same time for maybe $200…details available). It just keeps on working. Brand new McIntosh box with serial number from McIntosh made for this unit (really nice box…costs like $75). I even have the original manual also purchased from Audio Classics. There is some discoloration on the glass, which is really the blue semitransparent plastic McIntosh uses to get blue meters.

The MCT450. I put this out on AudioMart, but might take it down. It works fine and comes complete. Just got back from the shop, where I was trying to understand an SACD experience some here might recall me speaking openly about. Anyway, picked up the PST to go with my modded DAC which far out weighs my McIntosh investment at this point. I will part with this for less, because it might need more servicing and perhaps a new part, but I’ve never had a CD not work as expected, only SACDs gave me a short pause periodically. The Music Room, where this was purchased a year ago (rated it 9/10 in 2020) serviced the unit in 2021, and I haven’t tried it since it got back. The Music Room is a McIntosh service center and suggested a $500 part to eliminate any shadow of a doubt, but they also said they couldn’t reproduce the experience and that they cleaned the lens. I decided that was good enough, but again already have and love a PST.

These are all with proper McIntosh boxes (again, I had one made by McIntosh for the MC2205…never been used).

PM me serious offers.

The MC462 turned into a MC257 and, as such, is not available. :slight_smile:

don’t take this wrong, but i’m confused about exactly what it is that you’re selling and how much it is

EDIT: wait, i think I get it… no prices listed but you’re entertaining offers on three pieces.

The MCT450 is a CD player, the MC2205 is and amp, and the C47 is a pre-amp. I think I mentioned PMing me serious offers. Cheers.

:+1: So used to seeing prices on these; I was just confused when only one was on USAM

GWTS :slight_smile:

A little off topic, but a great looking GSD! Plush coat?

Thanks, sir! You shouldn’t have gotten me started!

That’s my baby, Winnie Cooper. She is 8 and I met her at Foothills Animal Shelter (Golden, CO) 8 years ago when her mom was taken into the shelter system emaciated and preggers.

She’s practically a model and makes everything look better. I may have a bias here. She’s not included in the McIntosh gear.


Well then, the deal’s off!!! :smiley: I’m retired and my 6 1/2 year old guy is hardly ever more then 6 feet from me. You ever see the advertisements “smoke free, child free, pet free home”? That 3rd one ain’t me!

Got 6-10 inches of snow coming the next day or two. Hope to get some snow shots.

A shelter dog, just unbelievable. I’m willing to bet you think you lucked out much more then she did. A truly stunning girl.

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It’s been a ton of work, as like many GSDs, she’s high drive. Post a pick of your 6.5 year old! Dogs are the best. ~Cheers~

I’m just the chauffer!!


Who’s a good boy?! Ha!

That is a beautiful dog. :sunglasses:

Yours too @billt

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Hi, do you still have the MC2205 for sale?? I’m interested.
Beautiful dog!!!

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Great! The price is $2500. Correct? Are you willing to ship it . I’m in Phoenix, AZ.
my email is: rattorisso@gmail.com.