FS: Output Tubes

Shipping is extra but I’ll absorb the PayPal fees, if any.

Payment may be made by personal check after it clears, certified check/MO, or by PayPal. Sales are limited to USA only. Photos available upon request.

GE-made International Harvester labelled 6550: 1 pair, NOS, straight bottle, $150/pair

GEKT88: 2 matched pairs, solid gray plate, NOS, $60/pair

JJ KT88: 2 matched quads, 25 hours use, $80/quad

Penta Labs KT88SC KT88: 2 quads, solid gray plate, 20 hours use, $100/quad

RCA 6550: 1 pair, both date code 7826, straight bottle, 25 hours use, $150/pair

SED =C= 6550C: 2 matched quads, 50 hours use, $200/quad

SED =C= 6550C: 1 matched pair, NOS, $150/pair

SED =C= SVKT88: 2 matched quads, less than 20 hours use, $200/quad

Sovtek KT88: 2 matched quads, ST bottle, 75 hours use, $65/quad

**SOLD **Tung-Sol Reissue 6550: 2 quads, 25 hours use, $80/quad

**SOLD **Tung-Sol Reissue 6550: 2 quads, 250 hours use, $70/quad

**SOLD **Tung-Sol Reissue KT120: 1 matched quad, cryo’d, Upscale Audio, 25 hours use, $100/quad

Valve Art KT88: 1 matched quad, 25 hours use, $80/quad

Valve Art KT88: 3 matched pairs, NOS, $50/pair

Joe, do you still have Penta Labs KT88SC KT88 for sale? I need a quad match if possible. How much with shipping (I am in OKC 73170)? and what payment type? Thanks.
Chris send…

Hi Chris,

Yes, still have both so one is definitely available. I use USPS Priority Mail so shipping would be $15 for a total of $115 and PayPal works best for me. My PayPal address is jappierto@aol.com

I’ll be out of pocket until the 16th but if that’s okay with you then I can ship to you that day or thereafter when funds are received. Let me now if that works.