FS: Peachtree Grand Integrated X-1 (sold)

For sale is an excellent Peachtree Grand Integrated X-1. Retail for this unit was >$4300. Will sell to a forum member for $1,600 and will cover PayPal fees and UPS shipping to lower 48 states. With original box, remote and manual. This is truly a superb piece. Have I been able to beat it sonically? Yes by a wisker at a cost of over $25,000 and by replacing one “box” with five! Please don’t tell my wife that!


Sent you a PM. Thanks.

From what I have read at their website the Peachtree Integraded that Socal has for sale, would seem to be one hell of a buy!

Especially at his asking price.

And on top of that he is also paying the PP fees and shipping in the CUSA. Wow, nice…

However for me, I must also admit that I have not actually heard the unit but from all that I have read at that price how can one go wrong?

Yes, I’m hoping it’s available, would be a great centerpiece for my second system.

Wow, a second system???

how cool…

enjoy the music that’s what I am doing right now…

Right. . . it’s a bedroom system that I mainly use with headphones (via a Decware Taboo Mk III) but I do have extra speakers that I could use on occasion and would really wake up with the type of power the Grand Integrated has.

Good luck with your 2nd system in the bedroom?

i am currently listening to my system asi have included a new P5?

so far it sounds very clear and transparent…

funny thing is I am listening to Dana Krall and she sounds very nice. You should give her a try!

I just purchased the Peachtree. Thanks, I think it will consolidate my second system–three pieces will be replaced by one. I have some Diana Krall–I like her most as a jazz pianist, she can play! One of my very best friends was a jazz and classical buyer for Tower Records in the nineties and into the 2000s and he talked with her once, she seemed a very nice person.

Lon, that is good news, glad the deal worked out for you both.

That’s kind of what I have done also (consolidate, however mine was caused by moving to the SF Bay Area to a smaller abode which could not handle gobs of equipment.

I also agree that Diana Krall does sound good when she is playing instead of singing!

But don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy her style of singing and her jazz band is so involving to the point that I wish they had their own recordings available?

The nice thing about listing to her recordings is that they are so very well recorded and not ‘all compressed or flat sounding’ especially compared to today’s recordings…Ugh!

Her recording are consistent in their style of sound and really sound good and all the more so with finer equipment to play them back on.

On another note, I wonder if there is any real sonic difference between the P 5 and the P 10, other then the higher 1500 watts for the P10 over the 1250 for the P5?

The specs for both of them seem to be the same! Just wondering…

Perhaps you can enlighten me?

Cheers Ian

Ian, there is a sonic difference. The P10 has a deeper sound with even better frequency balance in my system at least. I think this is because of even lower output impedance. And it seems to do an even better job of lowering distortion in the incoming power than the P5. On top of that the P10 just makes my amp think it’s a superstar. . .the sense of headroom and ease of playback is strong.

The P5 is fantastic. The P10 is just more of the same fantasy goodness.

Just wanted to report that I received the Grand Integrated X1 from socal77 and it’s a wonderful component. It’s replacing some top-notch tube equipment and really simplifying my set up and also adding access to its excellent DAC and expanding the usefulness of that system.

I also want to add that it was a wonderful experience purchasing from socal77 and don’t hesitate to do business with him as a seller or buyer. Thank you sir, I’m a happy buyer.

Now. . .back to listening. :wink:

Thanks Lon!

Great doing business with you. Enjoy the Grand Integrated!

Well here I am, sorry for the delay in responding however ‘Work’ is a hard task master and it requires my presence on occasion , Ha…

Anyway Lon, its good to hear back from you and that you are so pleased with the Peachtree unit! I am glad it is working out for you.

And when one can diminish the number of components needed to accomplish the same or better outcome, then so much the better. I have looked at Peachtree’s website and noticed that I see no replacement for the Grand Integrated X-1 unit which does seem somewhat strange… However in your case you are the winner and your bedroom system will be the better for it, congratulations!

I also appreciate your additional comments regarding the difference between the P-10 and the P-5. And yes I agree in the full scope of everything the P-10 would be better if for no other reason other then it has a greater head-room advantage over the P-5. If one were to run larger/more power-hungrey equipment then yes the greater reserve of the P-10 would be the way to go. However as in my case, I am only using about 7 percent of total capacity with the ‘Stellar Pre and S-300’ units of the P-5, so in the final analyses the P-5 will easily cut the mustard in my case without the added expense. So all is good and you are so right, both regenerators do make the music so much better and the sound and clarity is improved by using either one of the units as opposed to not using anything. No matter what, I am very pleased to of bitten the bullet as it were, and today completed the purchase the P-5 regenerator.

Again, Lon, thank you so much for your insights into the sonic differences between the two units.

I like you, can strongly recommend either one of the regenerators to any and all Audiophiles and Music lovers.

Cheers, Ian