FS: PerfectWave Bridge II


Ships for free to anywhere in the lower 48. PM me if interested.

This might seem like a stupid question but… what voltage is this ? would it work in my European directstream dac ?. I bought the dac second hand and it has the bridge 2 ( which I would like)

Sent PM

I’m UK based and have a Bridge II I don’t use with my DIrectstream Dac anymore.

Your if you want to buy it.

Still available

Sorry. I am really confused by the way the community is structured (or even how PMs work) How much is the card sent to europe with paypal ?

Thanks. Too late then. Only got the DS a few days ago and still getting my head around it.

Hi Richard

European voltage Bridge 2 available for you, as per our previous PMs
Will send you my email address if that’s easier.

Private message sent.