FS - PRICE REDUCED - Morrow Audio MA6 GRAND REFERENCE interconnects Silver Eichmann RCA's - 1M Long - 4 pair


I have two pair of these excellent sounding cables at $405 per pair plus free shipping to continental USA. MSRP before discounts is $1,197. They have been well cared for in a pet free and smoke free home.

One pair freed up when I bought my Gain Cell Dac with its built in headphone jack. I sold my PS Audio GCHA to a very happy buyer. The second set freed up when I bought another pair of MA6 cables with XLR connectors to connect my GCD with a pair of M700s. Final 2 pair freed up when I sold my Nakamichi ZX-9 to go digital. You can find more info at Morrowaudio.com.