FS... Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Preamp...SOLD!

If anyone is interested…selling my Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Preamp on USAM.

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Good luck with the sale. A nice unit.

Thanks Elk. I’m sure it will sell quick👍

How could it not? :grin: :+1:

Pre sold…

Quickly - as predicted. :slight_smile:

There will be a very happy buyer.

The buyer is stoked…The premium tubes in the unit are superb…Now I will have to sell all my backup ones.


keep em - they seem to be growing in value apace with Bitcoin!

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What are they? I might be interested as I have a PL Dialogue preamp myself.

Hey Bill…The tube type are listed in my ad above…:+1:

Hi Mark. How much do you want for them and do you accept paypal?

How do you send a PM?

Click on his name and the message button appears.
I reckon he’s stashed them away for future generations by now though, in a vault somewhere :smiley:

Thank you sir. And I think your right!

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Bill check your pm

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