FS: PS Audio DirectStream DAC

dan said

Unit has not been registered, so full warranty is available to the purchaser.

Why would the new owner be entitled to a full warranty?

i would assume it would be 3 years minus the length of time you owned it?


When you register it will ask for the date of purchase from an authorized reseller. That’s when the warranty starts, not the date of registration. You can’t extend your warranty by delaying registration. I believe PSA does allow transfers so the purchaser should succeed to what’s left of the warranty. Best to check with PSA, though.


Warranty starts when you register or within 1 year of date of manufacture, which ever comes first.


Thanks Paul, but thats not what the DS manual says. It says three years from the date the unit is first purchased from PSA, its dealers or agents. If the unit is not registered within 30 days of purchase and no proof of purchase from an authorized seller is provided, then the warranty starts on the date of manufacture.

http://www.psaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/DirectStream-DAC.pdf page 12


Well, I am trying to make it clear and perhaps the wording should be adjusted to be so. It is true, if it sits on the shelf for 1 year then is sold by an authorized dealer, then that works. But in this case, it is being sold by an individual. So if the same thing happened it wouldn’t be accepted and would revert to the 30 day rule. We try and be as lenient as possible but people take advantage of the warranty process sometimes.


I have a P5, a DS/Bridge & PWT. When the forum was changed all my registered products disappeared. No big deal as I think they were out of warranty anyway. I was told that, if I could provide proof of purchase (or serial nos.?), they would be reinstated. I’m not all that fussed. Now my only registered product is the DS upgrade kit. I have faith that nothing bad will happen to my PSA gear.happy-048_gif